Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am such a Goober-

I titled the last entry and wrote nothing about what is that is making my back ache. On Sunday I was at my 'rents house and planted over 50 various flower bulbs with the help of my cute little 4 year old. Then I helped my mom by gutting her bathroom and dispensing of 30 year old soap and shampoo samples from various hotel stays. Apparently my brother was a brut wearer in his teenage years and left his stock there. Gee.... I wonder why??? So we threw a lot away from the corners of the bathroom cabinets. My mom feels so good about it. She said it needed to be done. I agree. Then on Monday at home, the hubs and I preped all of the dirt in the front yard and are thinking about what we want to plant. We knew for sure that we were planting tomatoes on the side of the house (great sun) and we got them done. So to go with the sunburn I have a ready to go garden.

Of course there was a mishap with Bud. He saw his frisbee and when I was talking to the neighbor he threw it. It hit the neighbors flowers and took the tops off of two marigolds in the 6 pack they bought. I was embarrassed. I made Bud say sorry to the neighbor and when we went to get the tomatoes I made him use his 2 dollars to pay for a new 6 pack of flowers for the neighbors. He walked over and said the her "I am sorry Mrs. B and I got this for you with my own money" she was all in a fret saying now you did not have to do that, but her husband Mr. B was quite impressed. I am not looking to impress anyone by any means, and if next time it is a window that he takes out with a hockey puck he knows that there is a price to pay for.... get this word.....tomfoolery. That is what I told them. Mr. B came over and thanked us for making sure that Bud was responsible for his actions. I know that is what my parents made me do when I was a kid, I know he is only 4 and that he probably does not understand all of this, but one day he will and hopefully he will be a better person for it.

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La Dolce Vita said...

You are such a good mommy and bud is such a great kid because of it!

Can't wait to see you guys.
xo LDV