Thursday, May 11, 2006

The mighty High

There are so many good things going on right now. I mean the immediate future 7-10 days. I have a great kid and a great husband. That is just the tip of the highness. Tonight is parent teacher conference, so my son may not be so great in 7 hours. Just kidding! Anyways, tomorrow is the Mother's Day tea party for his school. How nice is that. I am leaving work early to go to that with my son. Next is the Lilac festival parade which we will do together on Saturday. Those are just some of the upcoming events.
My dad has been nominated for the LPGA volunteer of the year. That is great! I am just so happy for him. The only way I can describe it is that it is like an Emmy nomination for regular people. He was nominated last year, and I felt the same way. I think it is exciting. Oh yeah... did I mention that I got the nomination too? I have never been nominated for anything by my peers except for biggest flirt in 8th grade which really does not count. Anyways the ceremony is on the 17th where they announce the winner. It is funny I have been a volunteer at this event for 20 years and just thought that it was a service to the community (proceeds to go to Camp Haccamo for disabled children).
I played hockey with Bud last night. We played two games of driveway hockey. He.... kicked..... my.... ass. Keeping in mind that he is 4 and I am.... well..... older. We played to ten and the score was 4-10 and 2-10. He is amazing with stick and puck handling. I am not only in shock that I lost, but the score in which I lost by. His closing remarks were "it's ok to loose, you can try again" Umm.. yeah after I do a bit of conditioning.
So there are a lot of good things going on now. I am sure that once things settle down it will go back to the norm, but for now I am liking the HIGH!

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La Dolce Vita said...

That is SO funny!
Don't worry, you can try again.

cuteness abounds!