Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa comes!

Santa came to our house on Christmas eve. We did not get to sleep until 2:00 am. Then we received a call on Christmas morning that was the wrong number at 4:40am. Get back to sleep in time to hear Bud shriek at the top of his lungs at 6:00 ish Mommieeeeee daddddyyyyyy Santa came and brought me slippers filled with candy! Thoughts to myself.... he can never get up early ever and today he is up 2 hours before the sun. I mumbled something and tried to go back to sleep. He had not ventured out to the living room to see the presents. He was in his room. Still screaming that he could not believe that Santa came tippie-toed in to his room and left him candy. At this point I was so freggin tired. I said something that resembles go look at the tree. I heard it come out of my mouth, but I could not believe what I said. Just how is that going to let me sleep an additional hour. I was doomed. Then the scream fest began. Look at all of the presents for me. Mommy get up! Daddy come on look! All the while he is pulling off the covers. I asked him if his slippers were on, he said no. Whew! That gets me an extra 15 seconds. He has them on and once again Mommy get up pleeeezzzzeeee. Daddy come on pleeezzzeeee. So up we go. Staggering in to the living room. To be honest this is the best part. He looks at everything with the light on and his face is as bright and he is beaming with excitement. We get coffee brewing and he eats breakfast before we open anything. He gets to open his stocking and said "Mommy you are right Santa brings underwear, I always get underwear" Yes, my child and you always will! He apparently is a Sabres fan since he got some Sabres things as well.
So as I sit here trying to recover from what feels like a hangover due to sleep deprivation I will keep things short and sweet.

enjoy life!

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