Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry for the delay

The temporary delay in posting is due to the fact that I am completly crazy and have yet to figure out how to get it all in.

This delusion of hockey being only on Wednesday and Saturday was just that. There are games on Sundays all over two counties. HOWEVER........ he looks so cute..........

Had this picture not been posted on the web site I would not post it here, but being that it was, here it is. I will claim the one second from the left.

That compounded with the mega birthday party this weekend I am just about done. I have yet to buy my son a birthday gift. I have decided that the Fisher Price digital kid tough camera is an expensive item, and therefore he will have to wait until after Christmas. The item is out of stock all over the place, and I have had enough with getting the baby alive and the elmo. You see my brother decides at the last possible minute that he wants a Baby Alive and TMX Elmo for my nieces. So what does the good aunt do. She calls every Target andToys r Us with in 50 miles and the second they say "yes we got it in today" I run like hell out of the office to get to the store to get them. Now ya think that my brother would be thankful. No. Not a snowballs chance in..... well you know where. Thank goodness my boss is cool enough to let me go. He is really cool SOME times this is one of them.

Now for Christmas, I have to make a mad dash to Kmart tomorrow morning at 7:00am since the Mystic Force Power Rangers are going to be BOGO Wednesday only. If you plan on being there I may run you over to get there first. I know when they open and I know the layout of the store. You all have been warned.

enjoy life!

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