Friday, December 15, 2006

Ready set go....and go.... and go....

I think I have calmed down a bit and I am feeling less stressed. Tonight Bud plays during the intermission at the Amerks game, and the ENTIRE extended family is going to be there. Then he has practice tomorrow at 12:30 and his birthday party at 5:00, then hockey at 7:30 he will be late for the second hockey. THEN Sunday morning he has a game at 9:30. keeping in mind that to get to either of these hockey places it requires a 30 min drive minimum and then there is getting the gear on. Somewhere in there I need to finish my Christmas shopping, and decorate the darn tree. We went out back last night to get our tree. The Boy Scouts were selling them at the fire hall and we walked out back picked it out and carried it home. Breathe in......breathe out.... breathe in.....breathe out. Oh I almost forgot. Since Bud's birthday is on Monday, I have to bring a "healthy" snack to school for his birthday. Please explain to me how you sing happy birthday over a fruit platter. Where is the candle? In the watermelon?
So now I realize that not only is hockey very expensive, it is very time consuming on the weekends. Now I realize that I do not have to go all the time, and that it is not the end of the world if we do not go, but I committed to a team that we would be there. I will not break my word. I stand by the committments I make. I may be late, but I am there.

enjoy life! No matter how busy it is.

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