Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Right there is the baby!!! SEE!!!!

All is quiet before the first prayer in church and all of a sudden "....arrrppp" then a small voice says "excuse me I burped" multiple snickers form the two rows around us. I sink in my seat.
But it's not over church has just begun.
The Christmas Eve service there is a part where the kids go to the front for a message with the Pastor. Bud goes up there, and the pastor is talking about being Shepard's. He proceeds to talk about the Shepard's going in to the night with faith to find the baby Jesus. He calls the kids to follow him up and down the aisles in the chapel and look for the baby. Well only my kid says three steps in to the intended long walk "Right there is the baby!! See". This would be one of the parishioners newborns in a car seat. The minister lost track of what he was doing for a bit and said "no not this baby". Bud says "you said a baby" The Pastor was not going to continue that conversation, so the Pastor said "lets walk" and continued on up one aisle and down the next to the front of the church. The pastor speaking all the way saying where is this baby..... gets to the very front of the chapel. The pastor exclaims "look, here is the baby" Bud not missing a beat says "I found the other one first" I was embarrassed and sunk 2 levels in my seat. The hubs is laughing....What can you do???

enjoy life

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