Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Bummer!

This past Wednesday was Bud's turn in goal for his team. Each kid, if they choose, gets one practice and one game in goal. He had been practicing at home all week. He loved it. On Monday we found out that the game scheduled for 12/30 was cancelled. We (the hubs & I) did not have the heart to tell him. I did not want to break his heart on Monday. It was his birthday. Well the announcement was made at practice. The game would be cancelled. All of a sudden big HUGE tears started to well up in his eyes, the lip starts to quiver, then he sniffles a bit, and there is goes, the tears fall and the crying begins. Not the wailing kind, but the kind where his heart has just been smashed to pieces. Now we have to give the gear to the next person in line. He says "Nooo mommy....we get two times" sniffle sniffle "We get one practice and one game". I had to explain that the game was not going to happen. All of the effort he did to practice was for nothing. I had no better way to tell him that it was cancelled, he did not understand that word, so I told him that the ice was broken. He understood that. He was still sobbing and I felt awful. So now the gear is gone. I am hoping that he will get a chance later in the season, but there is only 3 months left and not that many games scheduled. Talk about a Christmas bummer! Learning disappointment early in life is a good lesson I suppose. Still a sucky one.

enjoy life

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snarx said...

Okay, that broke MY heart. Poor Bud!!!