Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The power rangers are mine muhaahaahaaha

Dash out the house at 6:35 am and realize that I must dash back in for a check that I need to deposit. Darn it! dash out again and get in to the car. I am going to be the first person at Kmart. It is 5 minutes to seven and I am standing ouside the door and another lady strolls up. Oh no. Could she want a power ranger? Then a guy comes up. Are you kidding me what do people need to got to Kmart for at 7:00 on a Wednesday if it is not for a one day sale. Stratagically I am planning my dash in the store. Then a guy comes out and says "yeah it's about 10 more minutes" I look at my watch. I s he crazy. It is 2.... 2 minutes till seven, then I look at his shirt and he is the carpet guy. What the heck does he know. Then.... here she comes.... she opens the door. And away we go. All of us in the store. We all head in the same direction, but the lady breaks off to go elsewhere, and I stop at toys, the guy continues to automotive. Whew. I do not have to beat any one up today. So I look at the toys and there are no signs on them. What ones are buy one get one. Oh no. I go and grab a flyer and I see what ones they are. I make my selection and then she comes over with the sign. She puts it on the expensive power rangers and I look at her and say Oh is it the big ones? She says yes. I add to my collection and proceed to the check out. Then the girl rings me up. Lo and behold..... the Big ones are NOT buy one get one. I said the lady in toys put the sign on those ones. They override the price and then proceed to double charge me. Ooops an easy mistake and we get that fixed and off I go. Woo hoo I am the coolest santa in the world. because after the green power ranger on the motercycle all he wants is stick tape! (That is for his hockey stick)

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