Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Again with the hair

You may recall a previous post where I was all about the hair and all it's misery. Well once again I have ventured in the world of stylists. Once again I have a new girl to do my hair. She is cute, perky and social. She cut, colored and styled my hair to the likes I have never done before. I LIKE IT! I like it A LOT! It is shorter and lighter. I washed that gray right out of my hair. It was getting to be pretty bad. No, I'll be honest it was a absolute mess. NOT ANYMORE! You would think that the hubs would say something...anything when I walked in the door. Noooooo. The guy I work with said "Hey I like your hair" the other guy I work with said "Wow! you look younger" Those were the magic words. All I could respond with was "Thanks guys, my husband said nothing" Can you believe it. I had a drastic change in my appearance and my hubs said nada, zilch, zero, zippo. I am annoyed, but what can I do.

enjoy life!

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