Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

This morning on the television there was a report on the ground breaking ceremony for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There was a gentleman speaking at this ceremony saying how great this day is and how he knows that Dr. King would be proud. He was also saying that every city that has been touched by MLK should honor him. This was a nice gesture, however standing over this man was a well to be polite, was a moron. Most people stand next to their friends at such an event but nnooo...Jesse Jackson, who in my opinion is one of the biggest disgraces to the human race was there towering over this man AND instead of applauding the man for what he said he was waving his hands in the air in what appeared to be an idiots version of praising Jesus while wiping tears.
Senator Obamba was there, speaking the truth and speaking respectfully, Maya Angelou was there as were many other notables. I support their cause and the work that MLK has done. As a matter of fact I plan on going to the memorial once it is complete. However, to disgrace it with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.......well that is disappointing.

enjoy life

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