Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Turkey day? er... yeah let's go with that.

Let's imagine that there is nice soft holiday music playing........

Tis that time of year when the snow begins to fall and the animals are scurring to create their winter haven. The ducks (well some of them) are flying south, the squirrels are finding all of the food they can to hoard in their tree houses, and the deer are lying on the side of the road for days on end beacuse they dodged the bullet that the hunters fired at them, but not that SUV going 85mph.

Parents are rushing to the stores to get that special item for their youngster. While breezing through the store, they run over the lady with a cane, and bash on the head the man that has the toy they need so they can get it.

Companies are wishing their employees a nice Thanksgiving before they tell you that you must come to work on the holiday weekend.

All my best to you and may you be none of the above.

Happy Thanksgiving

enjoy life

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snarkalupagus said...

You crack me up...I just read aloud the paragraph about the animals and we're all laughing.

Happy turkeyday to you; give the boys a hug from me!