Monday, November 13, 2006

HOLY COW! Trace Adkins!

This is the best picture I got. I am not a camera person and my operation of the canon sureshot was well, not so sure. Not the camera mind you, but the user.

The concert was GREAT! I have not been to a concert in ages as a spectator. I would easily pay 45.00 again to go and see this man. Heck I might even pay for parking next time.

I did notice that some people thought that it was ok to bring children under 8 to this event. Here is a hint people.....unless the word "Disney" is in the title keep the kids at home. People get drunk, they swear, take their clothes off, throw beer, and can behave badly. It's a concert, this kind of stuff happens. CMT tour does not stand for "Children's Music Television". Especially if the main act is known for having mass amounts of "sex appeal".

enjoy life!

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