Thursday, March 01, 2007

gene failure

I have been playing hooky with my child by taking him to skate with the players, and as you can see he loves it. The player in this picture has the same number as Bud.

Is there such a thing as gene failure? I feel like I have failed my child. He has fallen victim to poor eyesight, cowlicks, and now he is having issues with fluid build up in the inner ear canal. So my adorable sweet child is trying to get thought it all taking it in stride of course. meanwhile, I feel like a failure. I have been crying most days and he says "mommy, why are you crying? It will be ok" I say to him "you are right. It will be ok". I feel like I produced this child and I have let him down by not taking in to consideration the medical issues that are hereditary. He has to get glasses in two rounds. His eyes are that bad that it can not be done in one shot. How could I not notice that? How could I be with my son everyday and not see that he could not see. What else and I missing?

That was just the beginning.

I am now a choosy mother. So long Peter Pan. I loved you for 30 years. My son loved you, now because of you, it has taken me 2 weeks to get Bud to eat peanut butter & jam. He loves PB&J.

damn you!

Now for a bit of pleasantry, this is what I see outside my window at work everyday. I would much rather they be in my freezer as food, but over the past few days they have managed to bring 6 friends to eat what the downstairs people provide. It eases the stress like you would not believe.

enjoy life!

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