Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just stuff.

Woosh! That is how things are once again. It comes and goes in waves. Bud was sick all weekend again! He missed his game and tried to convince me, in between episodes of barfing that he was able to skate. Umm yeah, I was born yesterday. So in the house we sat all day. Alllll daaaayy! I needed to go to the store, but never made it. The hubs and I ended up going out to eat with another couple that night as my cabin fever was hitting an all time high. We had a lovely time. It's been a while since we went out like adults. Not that we acted like them, but we went out like them. After dinner we went to another friends house. We played cards and then entertained ourselves with the Nintendo Wii system.
HOLY CRAP! After playing the boxing game my arms were killing me. It hurt to put on my seat belt yesterday. I did enjoy playing the game, but not the Walmart price of 598.00. My friends got a deal before Christmas. Now since it is so popular and out of stock everywhere they can charge an arm and a leg. Lucky them.
Bud is all better so I am trying to figure what is up with the sickness that he has had on and off for the past 4 weeks. ugghh! If its not one thing it is another.
so... that is all
enjoy life!

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