Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Example of Duhhhh

In my cube farm there is me and other guy. The IT dude was there and another guy comes in to play. Let me tell you how this played out.
Other cube guy will be person"A"
I am person "B"
IT dude is "C"
another guy is "D"

In the cube farm persons A. B & C are in conversation. Person D comes over and says to person A. Do you send out purchase orders to vendors once approved? Person A responds with a yes, if a request is made to do so. Person D says well how does one request you to send a PO? Person C says Hey A send a purchase order to XYZ Corp. We all start to laugh and person D says no really how do you request a PO be sent? C & B in unison say "Hey A send a PO to XYZ Corp."
He still did not get it.
forehead slap....forehead slap....forehead slap.
enjoy life!

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