Thursday, March 22, 2007

short & sweet

I have been attempting to post something....anything for the past few days. I have nothing to talk about. I started yesterday with a post on being rude. It's awful where I spend physically 40 hours a week, but I did not want to do that. Then I started about the hockey thing and thought you would be bored off your arse. So I went to the next logical thing. Spring. Today its here tomorrow it will be gone. So there you have it.
Random updates:
Did I mention that I gave up soda for lent? I can't recall, but with 18 days left it is a struggle. I am tired of water, lemonade and cranberry juice. I am soooo weak.
I have crossed the 365 day threshold for being on the receiving end of another stroke. Yeah! Just out of curiosity who sets up that time frame?
I have lost no weight like I wanted to.
I want to see Blades of Glory.
Bud had "graduated" to the big donuts. On Sunday we went on our weekly trip to Tim Horton's and he said "mommy I have graduated to big donuts now,.... may I have one?" He is so funny.
I have to deal with the neighbors everlovin' cat poo again now that spring is here. That feline uses my flower box as a personal litter pan. Grumble grumble grumble.
So there you have it.
Short and sweet with nothing going on. Nothing at all.

enjoy life

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