Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not once but twice

Damn you popsicles!

Could I really be that stupid?

Apparently I can.

Not sure if I blogged about it or not, but here it is. One random Thursday night Bud & I sat down with the hubs and enjoyed a sugar-free popsicle for an after dinner snack. In the process of eating said popsicle it stuck to the top inner upper lip. Like an idiot I tried to pull it off and got the bottom inner lip stuck to it. rinse. lather repeat. I eventually got it off after two stuck sessions. Anyways with swollen lips for a few days and thalking like an idioth I finally healed with minor scaring on my pride. So what do I do a couple months later? You gussed it. I do again..... I have a different popsicle and this one is smaller and again my top inner lip froze to the popsicle, however the sensation of the lip adhering to the popsicle was familiar this time and I was able to pull my lip away before it really stuck. Still had minor tear age, but more of a nuisance like biting the inside of your mouth. Lesson here. No more popsicles for me.

enjoy life!

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