Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Learning to learn K style

....not to be confused with the royal dofus K-fed.........
Tonight I have to go to an auditorium and learn how to be a parent of a Kindergartner. The letter that we received on Friday last week was dated last Wednesday. Clearly timing is not important, but making sure parents go to Learning to parent a Kindergartner is. It was indicated in the letter that parents or guardians make an "honest" effort to be there. What is a dishonest effort? We are in the process of teaching honesty and responsibility. I am sure that there are parents who have been through this, and they may not be there, but really. If I do not go am I dishonest? am I a bad parent? do I get black listed from the PTA before I sign up. What If I have to work, do I need a note from my employer?
Regardless, I am going to be there and I will listen. I will learn how to be a good Kindergarten parent.

enjoy life!

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snarx said...

Being a good kindergartner parent is not kicking the lying thieving bitch who's teaching her kindergartner to be a lying thieving thug. You don't need to sit in an auditorium to be taught how to be a good parent...you need to be teaching other parents (and probably teachers too), because you have a Ph.D.