Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let the ugliness begin

Here you have my bathroom please try to refrain from the following:
  1. tossing your cookies on this lovely set up
  2. laughing at the mismatched spider man towel
  3. commenting on the general mess.

These were taken this morning after two showers and while getting ready for work.

I wanted to make sure that you could get the full appreciation of what a color disaster my bathroom is. Pinks, purples and the black floor.

So, this is before and as I mentioned the measurements to come with the weekly updates as to what I have actually done. It is not a big room, but we make it work.

Again the hubs thinks I am nuts and is mocking me. We will see who laughs last!

enjoy life


snarx said...

Of all people, I'd have expected the hubs to be completely excited to not have a pink/purple color scheme in the bathroom anymore.

mommyrox said...

snarx- I hear you, but for some reason he is not all that in to it.