Wednesday, May 23, 2007

School. We're ready are you?

So the hubs & I go to the meeting for Kindergarten. We learned that many parents do not listen to instruction. The first item was out of respect for all parents, please turn phones on vibrate. This did not happen. Then they addressed questions on transportation, curriculum, food service. All of the above are important however, I did not question the safety of a school bus or the driver. I had faith that the school district would take care of my child on the bus. I questioned the hubs and said am I wrong for not being worried about that? He said no, he believed that Bud would be ok on the bus too. We live less than 5 miles from the school and his after school program is less than a mile from the school. So to us a non-issue.
They will have art, gym, library time and music. Yeah! That and pizza day is Thursday.
At the conclusion they opened up the room for questions. All which were addressed in the initial information spiel. So we are ready. Yes siree we are ready! Bud will be ready and even though there are parents who do not listen, there is hope for their kids right?????
oh yes, one last note. On the questionnaire there was a space for parents to put a list of kids that you do NOT want in your child's class. Let's get real parents! It is not about you, it is about your kids.
non school related let you know how awful I am.... I sent Bud to his hockey game without his hockey stick last night oops.... so I am as flawed as the next, but it is ok.

enjoy life

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