Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crime & Punishment

With the craziness of the Memorial Day parade and all of the candy that flowed, we have a dish in the kitchen. Now, Bud has never been a candy kid, but he does like the gum. The deal was good day at school and he can have gum. Conversation goes like this:

Bud: Mommy can I have gum? (walking over to dish)
Me: Did you have a good day at school
Bud: Un-huh (picking up gum)
Me: Is that a yes?
Bud: yes, mommy
Me: OK (gum in mouth)

that part took place in 2 seconds flat, then out came the voice of truth.

Daddy: Bud what kinda day did you have?
Bud: (chomping on gum) One and a half thumbs up
Me: Did you tell a fib?
Bud: Un-huh (shaking his head up and down)
Me: Spit that gum out NOW!
Bud: Nooooo Mommy pleeeeassssse
Me: NOW!
The gum rolls off the tongue and on to the floor. Plunk. A big bright pink piece of Double bubble on the kitchen floor sitting there.
Me: Put that in the garbage.
Bud: (Stomping to the garbage) You're the meanest mommy in the whole wide world.
Me: (thinking to self yes, I am)

That part took what felt like forever. We are now in new territory and I think I need to read up on punishment fitting of the crime. I was ready to keep him home from hockey and the hubs interjected saying no. Too harsh. I guess this is just the beginning!

enjoy life!

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