Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a new brand of super hero

This past weekend was kinda busy. The hubs had to work his standard weekend shift, and I had to work a ball game Saturday night, but on Monday we managed to get tons of work done around the house. It felt good. The down side is that I managed to fracture a bone on my hand near the thumb where there is nothing that can be done for it. Bud fell in the garage when I was in the kitchen and as he was screaming at the top of his lungs like he had cracked open his skull I smacked my hand on the rail. Hard enough that it is swollen and not broken, but fractured.
On Monday we went to the local Memorial Day Parade. Bud loves the parades. We were sitting reading a Superman book as we waited and then he heard the music and looked up and here come the veterans in the front. Bud removes his hat and puts his hand on his heart and just as I looked down with a bit of a smile on my face at his respect for the flag and those who fought for our country, his small voice says "they are like superman because they protect us huh?" I shh him and say "yes", then that same voice screams out as loud as possible, "Look Mommy, a new brand of superhero." GULP! That is my child. People are glaring at me and a 5 year olds vision is... just that...... Untainted and pure. Taking things in literally.
I picked him up and said that they can be his superhero if needed. He matter of factly said they protect us so they are superheros. He hit that nail on the head.
Then later that afternoon while I was trying to coerce a tree out of the ground I was not prepared for my own strength, and I literally toppled over and down a hill on the side yard and took out my shoulder. It has since been put back, but hurts like no bodies business. Hence there is a reason why I do not do yard work. I did get a nice tan though.
With that I got nothing else.

enjoy life!

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