Monday, May 21, 2007

Bike Rodeo and Birthday

This weekend was kind of busy.
Bud had a Bike Rodeo sponsored by the police department and a birthday party for a former hockey team mate.

Saturday at the bike rodeo I was selling hots and hammies to the participants in the rodeo to raise money for CODA (Children's Organ Donor Association) and Bud was participating in the rodeo. Since there were over 100 kids registered it was going to be a nice afternoon. NOT! Just after the safety demonstration when the kids were told to get their bikes a teary face comes up to me in the food booth "Mommy... sniff sniff my bike is missing". I look around and I see a child on my sons bike. So I say to Bud "Stay here, mommy sees your bike" I walk up to the parent and say "I think your child grabbed my child's bike by accident" said parent says disgusted that I said something to her scowls at me and says "no, we have not put our bikes down" I incredulously say "...are you sure? my son has a bike like this with a broken reflector, no kick stand, no cap on the handle bar AND tears in the seat" She says no it is ours. Defeated I walk away. I go to Bud and tell him that that boys mommy said it was that boys bike.

I approach the police who are running this event and say someone has taken my sons bike and could he please look around. I also mentioned that the parent who I thought had Buds bike assured me it was hers. So as Bud is crying in the lawn because he can not participate in the rodeo, and I have to sell food. That is what I am there to do. There is nothing else that I can do for my child. That feeling is the suckiest feeling ever! I give my child a can of soda (he is not allowed to have soda) and tell him to watch.

Just as the rodeo was coming to an end another parent who heard all of the conversations I had comes up to me and says "that boy who you said had your bike is on another." I tell Bud to go and get his bike and bring it to me. I take a marker and write on it under the velcro flap his name. Completely disgusted that the parent lied to me about the bike and let my kid sit and cry missing the rodeo.

So later in the day Bud says to me "mommy that lady did not get in to trouble for fibbing, how come?" All I could say is "I am not her mommy". I wanted to say that stupid whore is not a good mommy and her mommy was not a good mommy if she does that. But I held back and said those are the people that end up in jail.

Now the birthday party was a blast Bud had a great time. He was the only preschooler there. The rest were kindergartners. He fit right in. September here we come.

p.s. mangled bike is from learning to ride with 2 wheels. That bike took a beating last fall.

enjoy life!

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