Thursday, July 19, 2007

Basketball... Rox version

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the intricate details of draft system or the rules governing Major League Basketball. Oh wait it's called the NBA right???
Here is what I do know. The team in Milwaukee drafted this guy he is really tall something like 6'11" (Yi something) from somewhere in Asia. Milwaukee had a first round 6 pick in the draft. This means they were the 6th team out of all the teams to pick a guy to play on their team. As previously mentioned they picked this Yi feller. His agent has sent a letter to the team stating something to the effect of Yi will not be playing for your team because he needs to be a stand out of the taller guys (apparently there are a lot of tall guys in the NBA, who knew!), and there are not enough Asian people in the vicinity of Milwaukee. What this essentially means is Yi can stay in Asia reenter the draft next year and pretend like it never happened.
I know this because I listened to Bob Matthews the sports columnist on the radio last night while I was driving to the grocery store. You see Milwaukee has lost a vital draft pick since it was a round one selection. So here is my thought. Mind you it is not the thought of the NBA, or anyone else.
Since the draft can not be re-done, and the probability that if Milwaukee had this information before hand he would not have been chosen...... Yi should be made to play one year with Milwaukee and then go up for free agency. Then he can go to another team with a more appealing geographic location, should he be chosen. If he then chooses to say "I will never play in the NBA" then go ahead stay in the Asian country you are from, you will never have the potential to make the mega $$ that are sickeningly available in pro sports players in America.
Giving Milwaukee another first round draft pick for next year (as a last chooser pick in the first round) for the loss this year is not right.
Now let's say a team with a more geographically appealing location said to Milwaukee next week "I will take Yi and give you player XXX" that might be fair, but again had they known this, it may have had a different outcome.

summation: People be grateful you were selected. Play because you love the game. PERIOD.

enjoy life!

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