Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harsh Reality

OK, So I have been getting a lot of flack from people who say you must not really care for your cat since you are already looking in ditches.
People.... I am a realist. If my cat is not in the very close proximity of my home (hearing me shake her food container) then logically she is out in the elements and not going to know how to care (defend) for herself; therefore I will look in the ditches on the side of the road.
I am looking for knowledge, information on her situation. Good or Bad. I spent all of last night looking all over the neighborhood shaking her food dish hoping that she would crawl out of someones porch running at me, but alas that was not the case.
It has been 4 days. I think she would have been home by now if she knew how to get there AND since I canvased the neighborhood looking for her and she did not come out, I believe that she is victim to the many possum and raccoons in the area.
That is a real fact as awful as it is. Of course I would rather trip over her in the doorway to the bathroom every morning, but she is not in my house and I don't know where she is. I miss her, and I now have to explain to Bud that Miss Kitty is gone and never coming back. After all you can only say I don't know, and maybe she will be home soon, for a short period of time before your kid catches on. I would rather tell him the truth.

enjoy life!


snarx said...

I'll say it right out--whoever is giving you flack for being a realist about Miss Kitty can shove it up their respective... bungholes. And pack it in with something sharp.

Trying to be positive in light of what's probably not a positive situation and hoping for the best is how we keep getting up every morning to face the day. Being realistic is how we balance it with the way the world actually works.

Accusing someone of not caring for their cat because they're being practical (and looking for said cat even while being pretty sure she's not around) is heartless. Wanting a concrete answer isn't uncaring--calling someone uncaring who loves their animals enough to try to find, at best, the animal, and at worst, the animal's body, IS. Whoever said that owes you a deep and sincere apology.

mommyrox said...

you are the best! I know that I can ALWAYS count on you.
much love xoxoxox