Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Entertainment Purposes Only

I see someone with an A around you this person was very close to you as a child..... they are with someone who is RJ...Do you know who this is? Well sure my gramma was an A and my uncle is a R, but not too sure on the J bit. I sat in what was like a Crossing over with John Edwards reading. I immediately thought of snarx who has lost a pair of earrings and she is looking for them. She lost them in her house. So I asked. He said he can only work with me he would need her to get the energy from her house. Interesting thought. It was an odd sort of reading. A lot of validation. A lot of yes this is the truth, and I believe it, as well as a lot of well it sort of applies to me. but not really. Not really predicting the future, or what is about to happen, but good none the less. So my mom wants to have a Psychic party. Go figure. It ought to be good. For Entertainment Purposes Only right?

enjoy life

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snarx said...

I'm all about being entertained...if she has it, I'll go! (And if I find my earrings, I'll be truly amazed.)