Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where can she be??

I know I am still ranting on about being a bad blogger, but the truth is I just cant keep my head on straight.

As I was coming off of vacation I was told that we have to have a garage sale for the hubs dad. Since we had one for the hubs mom last year we had to be fair. OK WTF people. You each have your own house, have your own sale. Keep my home out of it. But nooooooo we have to do it. Then in all of the hustle and bustle of getting stuff for the sale SOMEONE left the door open to the house and the cat ran away (I think). Miss Kitty is 12 she is all white and declawed. She has NEVER been outside, not in 12 years has she shown an interest in being outside. She never hovered by the door, and never made mad dashes to go out, on the rare occasion that I took her out she wanted to run back in the house. She does not like strange people. She likes her window that is all.

Which leads me to believe that if she has no interest in the outside that maybe she went to sleep under the stairs. I can not get under there, the hubs has to. I have looked in the closets and under the beds and nothing. She is a big cat and always hungry. Her food dish has been full since Friday night.

So I am sad, and I keep looking for a dead animal on the side of the road, but I see nothing. Bud realized it today, which now I guess makes it all real. No more pretending that she has not been missing for 3 days. So we shared a good cry and we are going to look again today after work for her.

So I am sorry for being a bad blogger I just have nothing to say.

enjoy life!

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snarx said...

Awwww, honey, I'm sorry. She'll come home, I'm sure.

No more dang garage sales, please. You've done enough.