Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Waste not

I was lured in to a local restaurant last night by the hubs. It was a family buffet style place. You know the kind where there is a lot of everything to eat, but nothing is really good. So you end up settling for something just above horse sh*$ and enjoy.
Well I started with the Cesar salad. it was good. Really I mean it.

side note: This kind of place is heaven for me, who is such a neurotic freak about my food touching.

Anyways, I get my salad, eat it. I am REQUIRED to get another plate. JOY! So, off I go to the meat island. I get a slice of carved roast beef and a piece of fatty greasy fried chicken. NOT TOUCHING. The roast beef was not too good. So one would think that I would not eat it, but noooo I can not waste food. Even thought there are mounds of plates all over that have tons of wasted food on them, I can not. My gramma used to say all the time "Waste not want not. Eat what you put on your plate". So, dutifully I eat it. I did not enjoy it and I technically did not have to eat it, but I did. WHY? Why did I make myself suffer through that. Because my elder told me to 30 bazillion years ago. I did not make my child eat everything, despite the fact I make him eat everything at home.
I go up again and grab a new plate, and see a big dish of mashed potatoes. That is the end of it for me, the rest of the night I am eating mashed potatoes. Plate after plate of mashed potatoes. Bud thinks I am nuts and the hubs realized that this is why we never go out to this type of place. Forget the rest of the food. Give me SPUDS! I will not waste them.

enjoy life!

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