Monday, July 30, 2007

Ice Cream Man

This weekend was much a blur, but there is one incident that stands out as a rite of passage for every adult and child.

The ice cream man

Yes, my son has been taught about the ice cream man.

For the past couple of years we have been content on telling Bud that the ice cream man was some one beeping a broken horn to get the neighbor kid to come out and go for a ride. Alas, that trick does not work when said child is outside playing with the older neighbor girl. She tells him the truth and nothing but the truth.

Yikes! So here is the scenario

ding ding ding here comes the truck down the street next to ours (I did not hear it, as I was in the house). Bud comes running in the house Mommy!!!!! Mommy!!!! I need dollars. I look at him like he is crazy and ask him what for. He says ice cream. I told him we have some in the freezer. He said NO!!!! the truck ice cream. Light bulb goes on. What ice cream truck? Then the dinging is coming closer. He starts to jump impatiently and excitedly. Mommy!! that truck. Please mommy can I have dollars. I ask how many he needs, and he runs out the door like a bat outta h.. e.. double hockey sticks. Now the ice cream truck driver has this entire escapade down to a science. He sees children running to their respective homes, opening and closing doors, jumping excitedly. He s....l....o....w....s way down and stops dead in the middle of the street and the children come running. So my child runs to the front of the line and asks how many dollars while pointing to various ice cream bars. Finally he settles on one that has bubble gum in it. Now I remember as a child that I HAD to have that one too. He comes to the door and says he needs two two five dollars. I said for two two five dollars we can get a BOX of ice cream. For two two five dollars I will drive to the store and let him pick out whatever he wants. Jumping up and down he starts to cry Nooooo Mommyyyy. Please can I have, pointing to ice cream man, THAT ice cream. I cave. I give him the money and curse the day that he learns who the ice cream man is. Thanks neighbor girl. The inevitable has happened. Next will be the class list for kindergarten. I am doomed!

enjoy life!

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