Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jeeesh some Peace and Quiet please

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for this important message


This is Miss Kitty. After 5 days of you screaming though the neighborhood looking for me I finally decided that the boys pleas of "Miss Kitty please come home, please Miss Kitty come home" finally got to me. So here I am. Now....don't touch me there. I know... it just looks worse than what it is.

Here is the detail. Apparently this guy Grandpa saw me and let me go outside . Now mind you I have only seen this grandpa character about 10 times in my life. He said go on go and so out the door I went.

It was pretty cool at first a nice summer day out in the big wide world, but then it got dark, not too bad, but not a good place to try and sleep. Definitely not home. I can't quite remember the rest of it all, all I know is that someone jumped me from behind and kapow my nice Miss Kitty face was not so nice. I am battered and bruised and kinda scary looking, but I am OK.

So here I am trying to avoid the mom, and I hear the boy calling my name. Begging me to come home. So I come out of the bushes and I see he has a big bowl of food. the biggest I have ever seen. Since I had not really eaten in 5 days I was really hungry. So I decided to go home.

The mom was glad to see me and the boy cried and said he loved me (isn't that sweet?) Anyways, I am home and I am sorry if I made anyone worry. I'll try not to do it again.


Miss Kitty

p.s I know it is a bit fuzzy, but this is me and the boy taken last week.

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snarx said...


I LOVE being able to say, "I told you so!!!"

H&K to you and the fam