Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brackets....get your brackets here... Did you fill out your brackets?

That seems to be the general question the past two days. If you don't fill out the brackets does that make you un-American? If you picked San Diego State over Indiana are you going to go toes up? It is all in fun right? Is it a game of chance, gambling, or just stupid luck? Either way here is how the mommyrox gets the picks done. Yes. I caved to the pressure of the all mighty brackets. At my work we have a pool manager (no this is not the guy who comes to clean the water hole in the back yard and keeps it tidy) this really nice guy manages all of the scoring for all the peeps. So I get his sheet and take it home. I look at it and decide that my picks are going to be no better than my 4 year olds. So what better thing to do than go to Bud and say "Hey Bud who do you like better Duke or Southern? He picks Duke. I am charged, he may actually do well here. We continue through the entire sheet and while I believe he had the foresight to pick a few major upsets I am content with his overall choices. Under normal circumstances this selection process would be a no brainer to the trained adult. Now to a 4 year old it is all in ability to say the team name right? Wrong. He may not be able to say Whichita State, but he can say Florida and Duke to the finals!

Oh yeah..... he did pick San Diego State lets hope they don't go toes up in the game!

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