Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back a whole week and no update....Jeesh! I get the hint So here you go.
The Flight!

The whirlwind begins! California this time of year is just beautiful! The hills were so green and sky was so blue (when it wasn't raining). They are in the rainy season and we lucked out with some of the weather we did have. Everything is lush now and full of life. That is the physical scenery. When we arrived at midnight CA time which in the world of East Coast time is 3:00 am we were a bit haggard. Bud was sleepy and got a bit cranky during the last hour, but who can blame him. He got captains wings. When we boarded the plane he looked at the flight attendants and said a great big HELLO! They all got a big kick out of it. I did as well. He then took his seat. When we landed in JFK to get the flight direct to CA once again he said HELLO. This got him a look in to the cock pit. That was really fascinating. All those buttons and levers. He met the pilot and co-pilot and that's when they gave him captains wings. Very cool. Kudos to JetBlue! He was actually well behaved on the flight and I think that I got more of a kick listening to him laugh at the cartoons. Out of the blue there would be a great big burst of laughter then silence then about 10 minutes later the laughter again. He was watching the cartoon channel and it was the classic cartoons of Tom & Jerry and the old Hanna Barbara ones. I loved those as a kid. I am glad to see Bud does too. So then after a while of that he watched them without the headset and still got a kick out of it. Then he went to sleep. In all nice flight. We were met at the airport by hubs brother, wife and two kids. Of course Bud perked right up and chatted all the way back to their house which was just shy of an hour. In the dark I did notice how flat everything was. We were in the valley. You could see out so far with out a hill or mountain. That kinda blew my mind. I am so used to hills and mountains. All I could say was wow look how far you can see (in the dark) the lights in the distance. With that we went to the house and went to sleep. Now let me tell you I am sooooo happy to be home! I will fill you in later about the stay there.

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