Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bugs Bugs and More freakin' bugs!

This is my place of employment. I work in a quad elbow high cube area. My back faces this really big window that I love. Well, last fall we had this bug problem. These bugs were almost like a praying mantis, but smaller and brown. I was recently informed that they are called Assasin beetles. Yeah... your thought is probably the same as mine. How pleasant! Anyways, as previously mentioned we had a problem with them last September inside and outside the office, and a bug guy came to spray the outside of the two story building that I work in to get rid of these critters. Well, now that spring is... well springing these critters that were in the building hibernating are "waking up". On Monday this week there was one on the wall by my cube area, one on the ceiling over the space across from me, and one on the ceiling above tall guy, and one on the window behind me. I say tall guy because he is the guy I call to get (ok really he squishes) the bugs that are on the ceilings. Well yesterday was the mother of all. A pregnant co-worker comes over to my cube space and asks me for a document. This is my busy season and I start to grab the pile of documents that contains the one documents that she is looking for. As I turn my head behind my arm I see one of these big bugs sitting on the pile of paper. My a$$ jumped so far out of my seat and so freakin' fast out of my cubie that I grabbed pregnant co-worker and flew to the main corridor of the office. This clearly startled many in the office. I will pride myself that I did not ...I repeat did not scream. Tall guy came and removed said bug and I told pregnant co-worker "get it yourself". Now I have this paranoia (mind you not an un-healthy one) that these bugs are going to start popping up all over. They are really quiet as well, so you do not know that they are right behind you. Clearly I have demonstrated that. So... to continue... in the process of jumping up I used my ankle as leverage to jump and last night I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I was mad that it hurt and laughing that I was so stupid over a bug. Today not so bad. Had some ice and Aleve on it last night. feels better only a small limp. Nothing that hockey tonight won't cure right? My life is never dull.

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