Friday, March 24, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen.....
It's hockey night!

Nothing is going to keep me from the hockey game this weekend! I missed out on two last weekend which had left me in a frenzie! I need my hockey! So here is the deal. I follow up with the Dr. and all things go OK. I then go home get a quick bite and go to the game with child in tow. Sounds good to me.
Now, here is a lesson for today.
Let's pretend we are in school. I will ask a series of questions pertaining to one item, and you will need to supply me with the answer.
This is in your car.........It is in the front, but not under the hood..........The driver has control of it......It goes up and is the last hint... when you tap it up there is a little arrow light in the instrument display area that clicks on and off letting other drivers know that you are turning right. Like wise when you tap it down there is a little arrow light that clicks on and off letting other drivers know that you are turning left. For those of you that are still perplexed it is called a "blinker" let's say it together. Buh-lin-ker blinker. Very good. Now, this also through the mechanics of which I do not understand will have a light on the outside of your vehicle flash on and off. This is where I know (and many other drivers around you know) which way you are planning to go should not be driving straight. Now that we have all had a refresher. USE IT! In case you are wondering.... I am the lady in the car that when you did not use your blinker yesterday and almost cut me off..... drove in front of you and used my blinker for a long time drove in to your lane then for no reason other than to point out to you that you have a blinker.... used mine again to move in to the other lane....again for no reason. Now do not confuse this with road rage I was in a 45mph 4 lane road. No road rage and no speeding. Just a lesson on the road.

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La Dolce Vita said...

OMG! The mini strokes DID cause damage!!!!!