Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life is good and back to normal.

Sometimes the blips on the radar are just there to keep you in check. I have checked mine and so far all is right with the world. No more blips. I did forget my lunch today. That really sucked. Growth is a good thing. Bud went to his skating lesson yesterday and I got a good report. Not that I get bad reports, but this was a good one. He and another little boy were skating and Bud was sharing his hockey stick with this new boy. On his own free will. He will share with some prompting sometimes, but this was on his own. Here is proud mommyrox....I am beaming..... So my hubs and I must be doing something right. Bud is also proud of the fact that he was not afraid to go across the net at the playplace. Apparently the net is (or was) scary. He has conquered that. Growing up is hard work. Watching is harder. I guess I need to work on enjoying.

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