Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eyelashes lead to cleaning

Whoda thunk that this would be an issue?
Me that's who.

I went to my friends house to pick up some make up that those ladies in the pink car sell. Note: they do not give away pink cars anymore, they are grey. Anyways.... I go over there and in the course of talking with her, after getting my pre-ordered blush & mascara I blurt out "ya know, I think I should try a new look" Well that gets me a whole bunch of "look type" items. They are these cards with samples of eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks. They are VERY cool. I have been trying a new look every day for a week. Here is where the eyelash thing comes in. The new mascara that the pink car company sells is now apparently a "lash extender" as well. For those of you with glasses (like me) a "lash extender" is a horrible product. Every time I blink the mascara brushes up against my glasses and leaves a black/brown mark on them. So, for the first ten minutes that it is on my lashes I have to clean my glasses. Now you might be saying to your self well duhh momyrox just leave the glasses off for ten minutes. Do you realize what kind of catastrophe can happen in ten minutes with my glasses off? Not only do I pay premium dollars to have the super duper ultra thin lenses so that I can see, I am as blind as a bat. No joke. So, asking me to go without my glasses is a massive accident waiting to happen.
My mornings always go something like this.
get up, shower, get Bud up (if he is not already), gel hair, get him breakfast, get myself dressed, get Buds clothes out (unless he is in a dress myself mood), start to put on make up, clean up breakfast dishes, finish make up, get Buds socks (because I always forget them...don't ask!), start hair, get a scream from Bud (he can't find something that he needs at school that day) go help Bud, finish hair, tie Buds shoes then get out to door. So you see all the running in and out of the bathroom that I do, and that it requires my glasses.
Now, in all of this I get those pesky lines on my glasses from the mascara and it makes me nuts. So I have to clean them. Now you may say just don't wear the mascara. I can't do that I am trying a new look.
So, now I do not like the new mascara because it leads to lash lengthening and that leads to cleaning.

enjoy life

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Glam is hard work!!!