Monday, January 15, 2007

Another what? Sell what? Jeesh!

I thought I was going to be super busy this weekend. I was not, and I am glad. We had an Amerks hockey game on Friday and on Saturday Bud had his hockey game. We went out to dinner and came home. Sunday was just Bud & Mommy day. We watched a movie at home and played hockey inside. We went out to dinner and had a good time. Went grocery shopping at the big "super box" store and I was not impressed. Clearly nothing exciting.
We (Bud) got another invite to yet another birthday party. Will the madness ever end?????
I am also hosting a Southern Living at Home party at my house on January 30. I never have hosted these parties and here I go getting myself involved in this. I have no idea what they are, and a co-worker decided to start selling this stuff. I always told myself that I would not do this. My house is not equipped for this sort of stuff. Well guess what. Here I go. I managed to go to tons of these kinds of things, even buy from friends having a "book" party, but I have now crossed in to the realm of hosting. I will do it this once and that is it! No more. I managed to go over 5 years and not host anything that involves soliciting money from friends. I, however ask my friends to tell me when they are selling stuff, because I will buy. Go figure.

So, there you have it nothing going on.

enjoy life

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