Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time flies

I am on the look out for my child. He is 5 has light brown hair and is about waist high. Oh yes, he has tendencies to scream for no apparent reason and does not sit still at the dinner table to save his life. If you have seen him please replace the now polite, 5 year old that is at my house who is sitting at the table and asking to be excused. The screaming has gone away, which is why I am surprised that I can not find my child. It seems overnight at the ripe age of 5 I have a new child. As we were sitting at the table for dinner I said to him, "excuse me, where is my Bud? Have you seen him" The reply I got was "Silly mommy, I am right here." To which I exclaim " Noo, My child never sits at the table nor does he talk like a big kid." "Well" he proceeds "I am now 5 I am a big kid" I start hootin and hollerin like it is a party and I am reprimanded by this polite 5 year old by him reminding me that there is a time out chair for me if I do not behave. I thought this day would never come, and in the same token, I am sad that it is here already.

enjoy life it goes by too fast

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