Thursday, January 11, 2007

I spoke too soon

Since last Friday things have been absolutely nuts!

My job is crazy busy, it is year end and month end all in one shot and there is just me to do it. UGGHH! Bud and his commitment to Hockey is just that a huge commitment. We have games and practices all the time. Now we have tournaments coming up. One is in two weeks and one in April. Birthday parties are coming out of the woodwork. We had one last week and one is in two weeks and...... today we find out there is yet another on the same day in two weeks and the EXACT same time. We already committed to the first one (since the invitation came a week ago), and the second one is a nephew (invitation 9 days before party). I am not one to back out of commitments no matter what. My word is my word unless there is a major emergency. So I have guilt!

Anyways....... Bud has been skating so well, and really enjoying it. He is so neat to watch on the ice, as are all of the kids. Some times they crash and burn, but it is so neat! Do I sound like Eddie Haskel? Swell.
We had a birthday party to attend this past Sunday, it was sooo much fun, and since I am sooo behind the eight ball I was shopping for the gift for this party the day of party. I opted to have a pre-made chilled coffee drink that is sold in the cafe at a large retail establishment at 2:30pm. This was fine until I got home after the afore mentioned party and felt the need to become....brace yourself.... dun da de dah..... Drawer Woman able to clean out a childs dresser and closet in 1 hour and still have the energy to work on some of my drawers as well as my closet. I also had enough ambition to...ok hold on to your hats... cook dinner. Yes, I said it I cooked dinner. Now before you start to panic no, it was not Thanksgiving or Easter. It was a random day of the week. No, I have not got malaria or some sort of wacky illness, I have not been taken over by aliens, I just had coffee after 11:00 am. So, when all was said and done I returned to my normal self and went to bed at 10:30.

I had a hair appointment and cut short while employing the nicest girl highlight the grey to carmel. She is great.

On the another front with the new year in full swing, I am very busy volunteering, with the camp for disabled children in the area. Creating a database of donors and directors, and volunteering on a board for another not-for-profit organization. Busy busy busy.
AHL hockey has been on the road for the past two weeks and there have been no games. There is one this Friday, but not another one for two more weeks. Whew.

Now my drama is nothing compared to snarky. Her pops has been having an extended visit in his local hospital. I know that everything is taking forever and I am very concerned about you, but I will not bother you with my emails. Work, other work, and home are very demanding and I want you to know that I am thinking of you every day and prayers go out to all of you (mom, pops, snark, the idiot, tbtine).

So, I will continue on my merry way and hope that all is well.

enjoy life

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snarx said...

Awwww, thanks, darlin. We're all doing's just taking for-freakin'-ever. As soon as things calm down and he's home and I'm back in the swing, let's get together so I can give you the world's largest hug for all of your support.