Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shit is a bad word

On Friday we are crusin' down the interstate to get to the Amerks game and out of the blue the small voice in the back of the car says "shit is a bad word" The hubs and I look at each other pause for a minute, and before the hubs freaks out I say who told you that? He proceeded to tell me the other child's name and the hubs freaks out and says we do not say that. In our house if you hear the word damn, then you know things are bad. We are just not of the swearing kind in our house, and especially in front of our child. I may type out something here, but I will not say it at home.
I digress..... We bring this up to the teacher and she says I am so glad that you brought this up. They were unsure of what children heard it, and did not want to draw attention to it in the classroom. HELLO!!!!! Teachers!!!!! Teach children what is inappropriate when it happens in the classroom. The hubs said if he ever hears that again he is going to get out the lava soap.
Lesson learned!
enjoy life

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