Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odds n' Ends

So one might wonder what I have been up to these past few days. Well there is so much to say, I do not know where to begin.

First, I am an amateur falcon watcher. No, I do not go and hunt for them, nor do I know what one looks like when flying, so I guess that makes me a tad less than amateur. Anyways, I have been watching Mariah & Kaver the two peregrine falcons that are living at the Kodak tower in downtown Rochester. There is a website hosted by Kodak that shows live time how they are.

It is really cool. I watched them last year and they had 4 chicks, this year there are only 3 eggs so far. No matter watching them is still pretty cool.

My cupboards are worse than Mother Hubbard's and I have a child. I have become a supervisor of my department at work. Surprise Surprise.

The Amerks are picking up the pace a bit and it looks like we are going to the playoffs. yeah. The equipment manager for the Toronto Marlie's gave Bud a hockey stick that belonged to one of the players. the shaft broke in the middle and this guy taped it up and gave it to him. how nice was that. Bud was so excited that he forgot his manners and did not say thank you. I told him that if he did not go and say thank you that he could not keep it. He ran so fast back to the guy to say thanks. hee hee hee

We are facing Easter again, I do not know if you recall last year, but if not let me refresh you. My family has had a long standing tradition of celebrating Easter on Saturday. Since my sister-in-law has family in from out of town she had my nieces birthday party on our Easter Saturday. it got ugly and very unpleasant. Anyways this year Bud has a hockey game on Saturday morning, and my niece is once again having her party on Saturday night. I have conceded this year to going to the party, and not having Easter with my family. Well my mom once again is being all secretive about Easter. She is having a big dinner on Sunday and has not said anything to me about it. I can not go, but she is covering up and telling half truths about it. I could very well boycott the birthday on Saturday, but I am not going to. I feel like I should. So I am annoyed again. Sometimes families suck!

That is all I care to address today.

enjoy life.

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