Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whew! glad that's over!

What a week. I left work on Monday at about 1:30 to go home an party with "Ralph". That lasted about 12 hours straight. It was very unpleasant. Poor Bud is climbing on the bed saying "mommy you want water?" "It will keep you Hymated" Her apparently was trying to recall hydrated, anyways anything going in was not staying so I gave him a thanks, but no thanks. I stayed home Tuesday are recuperated. Back to myself today THANK GOD! Since yesterday felt like I was having a hangover. It did help the detox of artificial ingredients bit though. Yeah! I am on day 4 so far so good. I have been eating apples, oranges, celery & carrots; however bananas are not allowed or watermelon. Those are two of my favorites. I am feeling better too. It may just be the spring like weather too. We'll have to see.
So that is really all. 5 days left. I can do it.

enjoy life.

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