Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Somethings gotta be done

It has been decided that the source of some of my unhappiness is from with in. I am not happy with the path that I have been going on. So, here I go. I am going to try something new. I am going to "detox" myself. Out with the bad in with the good. I may post progress, but it may be more of a whine session. Effective April 16th I will begin.
The reason for this is last night while I was reading a book to Bud we got to a part that he thought was so funny. He just started laughing and laughing his little boy laugh that I started laughing and it was good. The hubs started laughing too. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. If felt good to just laugh that uncontrollable laugh. Until..... I started coughing from laughing so hard.
So now I begin the "detox" that needed to begin a long time ago. If I blog it I may stay true to it, where if I don't I can cheat it.

enjoy life!

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