Friday, April 06, 2007

Stranger Talkers are you one?

Stranger talking.
This is a habit I do occasionally. If a stranger happens to walk by and comment about something in the store that I happen to be in, I will reply. Sometimes it ends up being a short sweet conversation, other times it could be a complete conversation talking about our kids and schools and whatever. Well last night while shopping as the Easter Bunny at this great candy store called Sweet Expressions I was looking at all of the chocolate and candy goodness when a person walked behind me and made the comment that there was so much to choose from. I said yes, imagine having to do it for a child who does not like chocolate. She says to me Mommyrox! Oh my gosh! I looked up and shrieked in my best low voice "La Dolce Vita"! I have not seen La Dolce Vita in months! I was so happy to see her. Her hubs & kids are all well, and she has sold 3 houses. Yeah for her! We talked a bit more and realized that we are both Stranger Talkers. How odd that a habit I will not readily admit (now I have told the world) leads to a great moment. I think that we would have not seen each other in such a crowded store had we not done this.
With that..... Have a Happy Easter


Enjoy life!

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