Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hold up here

I was just visiting another blogger, and low and behold there is a website for prom dresses. I was expecting to see something cute or fun, but NOOOOOO!!!!!!

I saw this.
Should Bud ever bring any girl dressed like this in to my house on prom night the hubs would probably give him a pack of condom's. Me, I would give her a sweater and tell her about the the woman's movement. Should she sass me I would give her a woman's movement.
I do not typically comment about other sites on mine with the exception of LDV or Snark, but this one takes the cake (cupcakes that is).
enjoy life.


Monkey said...

Yes! A sweater is a great idea too!

You rox.

Monkey's Human

snarx said...

That was a prom dress? Looked like a torn hankie to me. Gawd.

mommyrox said...

Monkey: Thank you!

Snarx: You are right I do not think there even enough material to blow your nose.