Monday, April 23, 2007

Noah - I heart you!

I had a dream about a great doggie that a co-worker has named Noah. I never have dreams like that, but it made me tell her earlier this morning that I had this great dream of Noah. Such a cute dog!
Let me take a minute and back up here....
Noah is this cute little adorable Italian Greyhound. I believe that he was a rescued dog, but that is not the point, he was being raised by this really fascinating woman and her husband, again not really the point. Anyways, she adopts doggies of this particular breed, and loves the heck out of them. So, I tell her about this dream, and with a somewhat fallen face she tells me that today specifically this afternoon Noah is going to doggie heaven. Now I really like all of her doggies, but I really loved Noah!
When I first started at my current place of employment she would bring in the dogs and they would stay in her office. At lunch they would go out and run and come in to the office and look for snacks. I would keep some special ones in my desk for them. Noah was the first to warm up to me, and he was the one that did not look like the others. That is why, to me he was so special.
Well will be with Max in doggie heaven and I realize that I had that dream for a reason.

Noah.... I heart you!

enjoy life

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