Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who me? Cook? You're kidding right?

OK so I am not a fan of cooking, but I did this. It was "culture day" at bud's Pre K and I had to do something, but what? The hubs is Polish and I am Mohawk Indian. I could recite to you a laundry list of jokes, but I will spare you. So what is one to make after all these two cultures have NOTHING in common. Did I mention that I do not cook? No well let me tell you I do not cook, so if it involved anything hard forget it. There was also the drama of what dish do I choose? How do I choose one culture over the other? The easy Indian dish of Chicken and Dumplings was the no brainer, and a Polish Pie is a house hold favorite. Again how do I choose? I do not. I made both.
The pie I made in a lo cal version and was very good. A bit under cooked, but good. The dumplings were awesome. Almost as good as my aunts on the reservation. I did it! I cooked.

I enjoyed the cooking, but need to figure how to make less of a mess. That part REALLY sucked.

enjoy life


snarx said...

Honey, if it didn't involve making a mess, it wouldn't be called "cooking." It would be called "cleaning."

mommyrox said...

Snarx- You are too freggin' funny!