Thursday, June 29, 2006


Blessing #1
The weather last week for the golf tournament was absolutely beautiful. This week it it has been raining non stop. Severe flooding all over the place. I am really so thankful for the great weather last week. and the great tan I have from all of that sunshine.
Blessing #2
Yesterday Bud stayed at Mama & Papa's house. When I went to pick him up he said that he was a good boy. I asked him what he did that made him a good boy. Beaming with pride he said "I shared Bear Bear with Lauren Marie." That is unheard of. Bear bear is this teddy bear head that sewn in the middle to a 48" square blue blanket. He has had it since he was born and is very attached to it. Twice he left it at pre-school and the world almost came to an end, an until yesterday it would take an act of congress to let another child look at it let alone share it.
I was so happy with this that I praised him upside down, inside out, and backwards. Did I go overboard? you betcha'. I even let him stay up later than the norm, to show what a great thing sharing YOUR special something means. Since he will forever be an only child I am guessing that the sharing thing really needs to be pushed in my house. I have a fear of OCS (Only Child Syndrome).

Another note:
I am almost done reading The Davinci Code. Not quite sure what to think. So I am looking for another book to read. I tend to read pretty quickly as the TV doesn't really hold my attention over the summer. Well except for big Brother 7 and that has not started yet.

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