Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Backfire! Busted!

In going with the whole manners thing I try to remind James of his manners. For instance if I sneeze I expect him to say "bless you". If he forgets I say loud enough for him to hear me "bless you mommy.... thank you mommy" Then he quickly says bless you. Well this morning as he was getting his shoes on for school and he sneezes, and I heard it from the top of the stairs (he was at the bottom) and he did not hear me say bless you so he says very loudly "BLESS YOU BUD.....THANK YOU BUD" Yikes! I got caught in my own trap. I am slowly realizing these things now. So I quickly say bless you and he says that's ok I blessed myself. Jeesh I think I am creating a monster.
The hardest thing is that his memory is better than mine. That really bugs me and it is not an old age thing. It is a side effect of the years of medication I was on. But nonetheless, I will no longer forget to say bless you.
And here is one "Bless you" incase you needed it while reading this.

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