Thursday, June 15, 2006

Are people really crazy, is it that silly ear thingie, or do you need to get a new device?

I work in an office of about 35 people. There are an additional 20 that work outside of this office. So we have officially hit the small to mid-size office. Anyways, where I am going with this is that this office has been moving along with the communications technology swing. I think that we are still a bit behind the times, but that is neither here nor there. It seems that everyone in this company with a corporate cell phone has these thingies attached to their ear. It is not those little ear buds that are discrete. NOOOOOOO it is this big bug like device that is wireless that attaches to your ear and lets you walk and talk with ease while looking like a bat is ready to eat your head. One of the guys that sits next to us at the hockey games has one of those. Oh yeah where I was going, is that people think that it is ok to YELL IN THESE THINGS SO THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN HEAR YOUR HALF OF THE CONVERSATION no matter where you are. You know THOSE people. The ones that yell in to their cell phone while you are trying to have a peaceful meal at a restaurant. Well, they now have these crazy ear thingies. I already pinpointed these folks with the earbuds to be the crazy walking and talking to nobody, while eating, drinking to themselves people. Well now they feel the need to yell with these new ear thingies too.
Now my version of common sense says if you think that you can not be heard then... get a new device. If you can not hear the other person then ... get a new device. How hard of a concept is this? There are people in my office that are walking around talking to the space around them. It is most annoying when they walk by cubie space, in addition to being loud and annoying, the cubie people think that the talking ear bug person is talking to them. It causes disruption and distraction. Now a majority of these ear people have offices. Why do they have offices? So that they can have conversations in private with out being annoying. Well they have officially crossed in to annoying by walking in to my space with the bug like device hanging on to their ear. Are you talking to me or to the person on the phone? (that my friend is another topic for another day)
My solution. If you do not think that your voice will carry up to your ear to transmit your half of the conversation go find a land line to continue your conversation or...(let's all say it together) get a new device.

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